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Student Health Services

Nevada COVID Call Center

The Nevada COVID Call Center is now able to support the needs of residents related to testing and therapeutics services, as well as the vaccine scheduling. This number is  (800) 401-0946 and is open between 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, seven days a week. All services are free to the resident. The newest services the state is offering includes free therapies for pre-exposure prophylaxis for those residents who qualify, as well as medication for those individuals who test positive for COVID and may be at risk for severe disease. It is extremely important that residents call to get a telehealth visit as soon as possible after symptoms start so the options so oral antiviral medications may be another option for them (must occur within 3 days of symptom onset).


How can you protect yourselves from getting the flu? Follow these guidelines from the Center for Disease Control.

Here's an interesting article on a classroom experiment regarding germs on Chromebooks.

Mission Statement

StethoscopeThe goal of the Heath Service Nurse is to assist students, families, and staff with health care needs and the prevention of health related illness or injury that would impede the learning process. A healthy environment builds a healthy student and provides the optimal setting for learning and achieving one’s maximum potential.

Chief Nurse Jennifer Tyndall is happy to answer questions about the student health services available at all school sites in our district. Her office resides on the campus of Douglas High School.  You can reach her by phone at 775-782-5136 extension 1824. You may also contact your child's School Nurse directly at their school.