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Free Meals FAQ


Free School Meals - Frequently Asked Questions

The USDA extended waivers allowing DCSD to apply to feed all students for free through the end of this current 20-21 school year. So through the end of the last day of school in June. This means that during school days all DCSD students, regardless of income, can receive a free breakfast and free lunch daily at their school

  1. Who qualifies for these free meals? - All currently enrolled DCSD students, including students enrolled in Douglas Nevada Online.

  2. We can afford to pay for meals and do not want to take meals away from students who may need them, can we pay? - No you cannot pay right now, even if you want to. We have enough meals for all students and the money that pays for these “free” meals comes in the form of a federal reimbursement from the USDA. We as a program cannot charge you for a meal that we are getting reimbursed for it being free. 

  3. What happens to my student’s current meal eligibility? - It will stay with them and will apply if we have to revert back to free, reduced, and full pay meals next school year. 

  4. Do I need to fill out any extra paperwork or applications for my student to receive free meals starting September 14th? - No you will not. But we still encourage families to fill out the yearly meal application in case the free meal service does not extend into next school year. 

  5. If my student had a negative balance on their meal account will that be cleared? - No. Those charges occurred prior and will still need to be paid. You can add money to your students account online through Infinite Campus or send money/check with them to school to give to the kitchen. 

  6. Why are the free school meals only offered through the end of this school year? - This decision comes from USDA and they have only extended this benefit until then dependent on funding. If it does get extended into next school year we will communicate that to you. 

  7. How can DNO students receive school meals?- Please visit our "Meals for DNO Students" page. The link is above on the left.